Never Letting Go - Frankie's Gift

The thought of losing a loved one is something no one wants to think about. In reality, everyone knows there will come a time when a loss will occur. Never Letting Go originated from a true story – a tragic loss that came way too soon in a young man's life.

Recently I received a call from my dear friend, Margaret. We've shared a friendship for over 30 years. Margaret told me that her only son, Frankie, was in the hospital in critical condition. I immediately asked her if he was going to be okay. The response was a heartbreaking "no". She informed me that she was sitting in the hospital at that very moment holding Frankie's hand; waiting for him to die.

I felt this deep inner pain and emotion for her and wanted to do something for her – something very special. I asked God what I could do because nothing special enough came to mind. I knew that I couldn't reverse the situation, but maybe I could somehow ease the pain. Then it came to me. I could send her a clay mold to get his handprint. After all, she was sitting there holding his hand while knowing that her son would soon leave this earth. After searching online, all I could find was a stepping stone clay mold created for a parent/child fun project. The stone was 9 x 9 and I knew it would fit his hand. I called Margaret to tell her about my idea. As soon as I told her that I was sending a kit for Frankie's handprint, she broke out in tears. This was something that she felt like she really needed and then told me she had unsuccessfully looked for Frankie's handprints that he made as a child.

At Frankie's memorial service, Margaret placed the handprint right next to the urn. She told me that both the hospital and funeral home commented that they had never seen this done before. Margaret told everyone at the memorial service that everyone should have this done because you never know when something unexpected may happen.

I know everyone didn't run out and do this, but it did give me the idea to create an opportunity for those who want to have this done. Knowing the comfort that it brought to my dear friend let me know that this was something I should pursue.

This is simply an opportunity for anyone who wants the comfort of knowing they have a loved one’s handprint in the conscious way they were known before it's too late to do so. This is the true story behind the idea I was given. It affords the opportunity for everyone to have the feeling of… Never Letting Go.

Cindy Carrick
Never Letting Go